It may be all well and good knowing how to get a Verizon Replacement Phone but often times you might not have to go through all the pain of finding a new phone if you’re insured. In many cases phones will come with a one year warranty which means you can get a replacement straight away regardless of your circumstances.

What Are The Requirements?
Often times the only way to get insurance on your Verizon replacement phone is to have a credit or debit card where money can be withdrawn on a monthly basis. Sometimes you may find in this situation that the warranty has been extended for another year due to the fact you’ve used a card on their system. If you can’t find you warranty which is usually in separate documents with which you bought your phone with. Sometimes it’s in your email address instead so always be sure to check their as well.
If you’ve searched and can’t find it you will have to ring your credit card company and get the number to call for the warranty. This will often be a short process but after you’ve got the number from the bank you’ll have to provide personal details Verizon to get your warranty information.

How Much?
Insurance isn’t that expensive with mobile phones especially if you find you need them replaced often. In some cases you can get it as cheap as $5 per month meaning that it comes to $60 a year which is usually nothing compared to a brand new phone. Insurance is more important to people who will be travelling often with their phone or who use it often. Getting a Verizon replacement phone from insurance is usually a much cheaper and smarter investment than not having insurance and having to shell out new money to purchase a new phone.
Before buying insurance though always be sure to check if you’ve already got it because often times, dealers will throw in a warranty from a large contract such as a year onwards.

Remember that insurance is an option and is usually a much cheaper one for users who continually find themselves needed brand new replacements. With Insurance getting A Verizon replacement phone will become much less worrying and most important details will be handled. If you’re willing to put money into the monthly bill of insurance it can be well worth it a few months down the line.